Year 4 Day 210

Off to the outskirts of London we go, and even though it’s only zone 5, it feels like the middle of nowhere country side.

Sitting in a field basking in the sun I just want to stay here for hours. Too bad we’re here to work and hardly have time to take in the view let alone relax.

I really need a holiday.

Year 4 Day 209

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat will always hold a very special place in my heart. Ever since I watched the 1999 Donny Osmond film in first school I fell in love with the lyrics, music and colourful sets.

It is exactly what I love about musical theatre, catchy lyrics and melodies that get stuck in your head for days, humour, audience interaction and above all artists having fun and owning the stage.

Theatre is well and truly back!

Year 4 Day 207

I finally pluck up the courage to spell out the secret of my heart, one I have held in for so long, and am rewarded with a smile and a “I knew it!”. Instead of a dismissive and careless reaction I am greeted with enthusiasm and laughter, not what I was expecting.

The groundbreaking change that this sets in motion isn’t loud of impactful, but it has happened and will be noticed.

I can finally relax